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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  September 14, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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pageant, and i'll say they really have come a long way. i mean, back then we had to wear full-piece swim suits, and i even, believe it or not, signed a contract as miss new hampshire that pledged i had always been a woman. [laughter] really. all right, cheryl casone, over to you. i'm a girl! [laughter] cheryl: like there was any doubt about that one, good agree. [laughter] trish, thank you so much. all right, everybody, well, we're smiling, but you know what? markets are down today slightly, anyway, on low volume as wall street anxiously awaits thursday's rate hike announcement. but, you know, the fed decision isn't the only headline making event to look forward to this week. oh, yes, on wednesday we're going to be watching the second debate, the republican presidential candidates. donald trump going into this, you know, really in a stronger position now. the latest polls show him extending his lead.
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the awc news/-- abc news/washington post poll has him at 32% with dr. ben carson at 20%. there's also big news in the presidential race on the democratic side. as hillary clinton watches her front runner status evaporate to bear think sanders. vermont -- bernie sanders. the vermont congressman now leading her in both iowa and new hampshire. cbs news 2016 battleground tracker. sanders now leading clinton 52-30% in new hampshire as the clinton e-mail scandal weighs on her campaign. all right, we've got it all covered here today. markets, politics and we're even talking a little football, real and fantasy. less than an hour to the closing bell. anything can happen. let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪
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cheryl: donald trump, he's hitting the campaign trail ahead of wednesday's important republican debate. trump holding a big rally tonight in big d, dallas, texas. up to 20,000 people expected to pack the american airlines center. voters are going to be, certainly, watches for more controversial comments like this one that he made over the weekend on ceo pay. >> they put in their friends as the head of the company, and they get whatever they want, you know? because the friends love sitting on the board. so that's the system that we have, and it's a shame, and it's disgraceful, and sometimes the boards rule, but i would say it's probably less than 10%. and you see these guys making these enormous amounts of money. it's a total and complete joke. cheryl: here with me now in a fox business exclusive is steven cobb, former counselor to the democratic party of virginia and current democratic strategist and also michael goodwin, fox
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news contributor. gentlemen, welcome to both of you. steven, i heene, you're the political strategist here. is donald trump doing everything right or doing everything wrong and people are sick of politicians? >> well, i guess only time will tell. let's not forget these sort of unconventional candidacies aren't anything new to american politics. just four years ago we saw michele bachmann and herman cain leading this the polls, but, you know, leading time eventually, you know, had its curtain call, and they were overcome in the primaries and in the caucuses going forward. so it's tough to be right at the top of the pack for so long, but all trump's numbers continue to move in the same direction. he's got to be happy with that. cheryl cheryl of course he is, michael. he's going to be in dallas, texas, tonight. he is in ted cruz country. and you would expect that texas would go to senator cruz in a primary, at least the delegates anyway. but texas voters are saying that ray really are relating to him because -- they really are
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relating to him because he's a straight shooter. and in texas, we kind of like that. just give it to me straight. >> they're scalping tickets for this event, presumably, and the only other person whose tickets are being scalped these days is the pope. so the pope and donald trump are drawing crowds where you can sell free tickets. this is an amazing spectacle that we're witnessing. cheryl: you have to wonder though, steven, if what he is doing now is resonating with republican voters who say i don't want to tow the party line anymore, i don't think the gop knows who america is. do you think that's a fair assessment of what's happening on the republican side right thousand? >> we shouldn't be surprised that people are willing to scalp tickets and stand in line to see donald trump, he's an entertainer, and that's what his campaign has been, it's been a lot of entertainment, a lot of sound bites over substance. i don't think we should be surprised about that. and, yes, at the beginning of a campaign five months out from any primary or caucus, i think that has a lot of appeal for
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folks. but time will tell whether or not these big lines and big arenas really turn into voter turnout -- cheryl: it sounds to me, steven, like you're saying that when push comes to shove, he starts to actually reveal policies, he's going to get beaten up. michael, here's the thing, he was on "face the nation" yesterday. you know, he talked about kind of a populist tone, go after the rich hedge fund guys, ceos are overpaid, even called out terry lundgren at macy's, that's, i think, a personal vendetta, but that's another story. [laughter] here's the thing, you know, when he does finally come out with his tax plan, of all people donald trump might have a pretty good tax plan to offer the american people. >> look, i mean, so far almost everything in this campaign has paid to his strengths, the tv aspect of it, that he's very good and comfortable in front of the camera, the business part of it, that he's going to negotiate better deals with iran, the sense that the economy is not good, the trade issues. so the sense that ordinary americans feel left out from
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what happens in washington is a button that he's pushing over and over, and it's working. and, look, we have to say at this point it is legitimate. i mean, it's one thing to be doing this, i think, for a week or a month early on. this is now entering a serious part of the campaign. there have been no votes cast yet, but the polls are still improving for him. cheryl: improving for him but, steven, not the case for hillary clinton. and in particular, some are shocked by this, bernie sanders is gaining on her in new hampshire and iowa, overtaking her. i want to show you this latest washington post/abc poll, she's at 42%, sanders at 24%. joe biden who has even, you know, who hasn't even said he's going to run is at 21. this could be a game changer for her in the primaries. should she be worried? and if you were advising her, what would you tell her to do to handle the e-mail controversy? >> the clinton campaign
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anticipated a hard-fought primary, so i don't think this is too much of a surprise for them. they're focused on staying on message, and my advice to them would be to continue to do that -- cheryl: but, steven, i'm so sorry, but that's not working. that is not working. this e-mail controversy, whether you agree with it or not to, is hurting her. i mean, if you look more than 50% of democrats say they're not so sure she's telling the truth, 54% saying there's a cover-up going on. they don't trust her. that's her own constituents. >> if nothing else, it's certainly been a distraction that takes away from her message and allows her the ability to talk about her vision for her presidency. so finding opportunities to do that will be key for her going forward and, yes, addressing the e-mail issue will be of importance to many voters, and i hajj that the campaign is going to be -- imagine that the campaign is going to be focused on that. cheryl: michael, five seconds on hillary.
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>> yeah, look, it's simply not accurate to say they expected this. i mean, she was anointed, she was -- there was not going to be a serious opposition. she's now behind by double digits in the first two states to vote. that was not expected. cheryl: okay. let's talk about really quick scott walker, mike. i want to bring this to you because he basically wants to eliminate all labor unions, federal, i mean, corporate, everywhere, labor unions, good-bye. >> right. cheryl: does he have a chance of making that message rez cincinnati. >> no, no, not at all. i think that's not even the record in wisconsin, to have unions go away. it's about curbing their power. cheryl: which he did. >> yes, he did effectively, and i give him a lot of credit for that because this was municipal unions that were bleeding the state dry and, frankly, we see it everywhere. teachers, i mean, they are major impediment to reforming schools, the unions. but this is not a national issue in the way he's trying to frame it, so i think he's gotten desperate by trying to say now
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he's upping the ante. he's saying things nationally he didn't say in wisconsin about making them disappear. it is amazing to me in many ways how small scott walker has looked on the national stage given he was a front runner. cheryl: people are campaigning on television, and he may not be resonating to that camera. that's a big deal. michael, it was good to see you. steven, to you as well. keep your cell phones ready, wednesday's going to be a good night. >> thanks for having us. cheryl: you know what? speaking of unions, ford and the united autoworkers agreeing to extend their contract past the midnight expiration date. the union still in talks with gm and fiat chrysler involved in this. jeff flock outside the ford explorer assembly plant in chicago with details. mr. walker must be watching this one as well, sir. >> well, he's not doing so well now because the union retains its power, and we've got breaking news for you at this hour, cheryl, that all but assures we will not meet the
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deadline tonight for a new contract. it expires at midnight tonight. just learned from from the head of the fiat chrysler/uaw group. quote: there are still many items of importance to be reconciled before the deadline, it all but assures they will not have a new contract by tonight. here at ford they've already decided that a they will work past the contract deadline. i want to show you a picture about what ford is doing to prepare for a potential strike. it's a picture of the lot where the ford explorers made at this plant go after they've been made. that lot is chock full, and there's another lot also that is full. they are stockpiling cars in the event there is a strike. you know, these companies have been making money, cheryl. if you take a look at the numbers in the last year, both ford and gm making over $3 billion, fiat chrysler a lesser profit, but they're all very profitable. and consequently, the union wants a piece of that. you look at the stock numbers,
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you know, they haven't moved very much for gm and ford, but fiat chrysler has had a pretty good run since its ipo. that two-tiered wage system which the uaw is trying to do away with. fiat chrysler has a larger percentage of lower-paid workers than either of their competitors at gm or ford. ford with 29%, gm with just 19% of those lower-paid workers. consequently, their stocks haven't done very well. take a look at the one-year on ford, they're down 18% in the past year, but we don't look like we'll have a strike, that's the headline, cheryl, even though it also doesn't look like we're going to have a settlement before the contract expires. cheryl: we've got you covering the story. jeff, thank you, sir. [laughter] >> i'm here. thanks, cheryl. cheryl: coming up next, tony romo gave us the latest example of why america loves football can with his last second comeback win -- it was amazing. but is our football-crazed nation developing a new love in the virtual world? is that's coming up.
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and it is saudi arabia versus american frackers, and one report says that saudi arabia may be winning the battle of oil. one of the nation's top energy analysts going to tell us if low oil prices are really about to drive american frackers out of business. not the saudis. more on that. "countdown" will be right back. ♪ ♪ sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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mucking. ♪ cheryl: that losing bell is now -- closing bell is now 44 minutes away. volume is very light. in fact, volume right around noon eastern time today was about 25 percent lower than the one month average. there's not a lot of activity, you've not the jewish holiday today, so there is a little bit of a lighter trading day, and you've also got -- and we should expect this as well -- a bit of a sideways market until we get that fed decision on interest rates which we've been talking about for so long. that's definitely going to create volatility, even though we've already had a lot of it. arch coal, chico's, vonage, all of those stocks actually turning to the upside, fighting back the trend of the red arrows. continue to watch those for 44 minutes. also looking at oil prices. oil prices again falling today after seeing a 3% decline in
3:17 pm
friday's session. now, this comes after opec cut its supply forecast for u.s. oil through 2015, then you had goldman sachs saying, get this, oil could hit $20 a barrel. is this even possible, or is an oil recovery on the way for all of us? let's bring in the six-time number one all-american fixed income energy analyst and chief strategy officer ted isad. thank you for being here, sir. let's talk about this. i have to start with the saudis. they cut our production, but then they say, oh, demand for our oil is going to be higher. really? [laughter] >> the saudis are trying to stop us from being able to produce oil, and in the short term it will be successful that they will be able to cut out a lot of the production and so forth. eventually the technologies that we're developing and the ability of the u.s. oil industry to lower costs will make it so we can resume higher production.
3:18 pm
for the near term i think saudi arabia's been successful in driving down supply. cheryl: yeah. well, i say the saudis, i mean opec, but that is the saudis. >> right. no, i agree. cheryl: what do you think is going to be the biggest piece of pressure on global oil supply? we have talked a lot about china and the economic slowdown that's going on there. india seems to be another factor in the oil contracts. are those issues going to continue? and if you say yes to me, then i'm going to go back to my first question which is what is opec talking about? >> well, i'm going to say yes to you that asia and china and what's going on there are definitely going to continue to be big factors there. and what exactly is your question on what opec's talking about? i didn't quite understand that. cheryl: the fact that they're look agent the demand for their production to be higher. it seems to me like they're just trying to squeeze the u.s. this is dirty business, this is the way that it goes. seems that these guys are trying to squeeze u.s. companies and manufacturers. potentially some of them going out of business. >> well, they're definitely
3:19 pm
trying to do that, and to some degree they'll be successful with that. ultimately, there will be more demand. but for -- they'll be able to drive them out, but that's going to cause the conditions that are going to result this the recovery which is ultimately going to be one of the best investing opportunities that we're going to have. so it's ultimately going to be -- right now it's real difficult for our oil companies here but, ultimately, there's going to be a turn around, and it's going to be positive. cheryl: okay. what drives that turn around then? because that's a bullish signal from you. >> well, the first thing that drives the turn around is the fact that all of this money that was going to opec is now going to the consuming nations. so globally there's over $6 billion a day of income going into the hands of consumers which they'll be spending. so that's the first thing. beyond that -- oh, go ahead. cheryl: no. i was going to say how quickly. i'm just curious about your time frame here. >> i think we're going to start seeing the results fairly quickly now. it takes a while to happen, but
3:20 pm
i think over the holiday season you're going to see spending going up a lot, and as people get more comfortable with the current situation, the growth in the economy is going to continue on. cheryl: okay. so it's a demand story -- >> the next couple of quarters. cheryl: okay. well, hopefully you're right. we would like to see, obviously, a strong u.s. economy, and it would be nice to see the global economy pick up as well, that would take pressure off the equity markets. thank you very much, ted, for your perspective. >> thank you. cheryl: all right. well, coming up president obama and vladimir putin, they haven't seen eye to eye on very many foreign policy issue if at all recently, but are they secretly working on a plan together to bring an end to the syrian civil war in and could that work? our panel is going to explore that possibility. also, charlie gasparino sharing his unique take on the obama administration's latest skirmish in the war on wall street. charlie's going to break it next on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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♪ cheryl: moviegoers were looking for suspense this weekend as a pair of thrillers took the top spots at the box office. taking over as the new number one movie was the perfect guy earning an estimated $26.7 million in its opening weekend. coming in at number two was m. knight shyamalan's visit which wrought this 25.7 million, rounding out the top five was the war room, a walk in the woods and mission impossible: rogue nation. well, the u.s. attorney general launching a new attack on an all-too-familiar target, wall street. loretta lynch says she she wanto nail more white collar criminals. charlie gasparino says this is all a big joke. >> well, unless you get caught in this thing that's going to go down. we should point out that i've been talking to a lot of lawyers lately following the attorney general's, i guess, plan. it's a set of guidelines to
3:26 pm
force her assistant u.s. attorneys to basically go after white collar criminals -- cheryl: the people, though, not the companies. >> and basically you get brownie points by putting people in jail. two things have emerged since this happened. number one, you know, these are just guidelines. she has not changed law. the law is the law, and the law says you have to show a level of intent that's pretty high in nailing someone for a white collar crime. number two say it's going to essentially lead to prosecutions of lower-level people, people that are outside the c suite which is generally buffered from a lot of the bad stuff, you know? the ceo, the cfo, all the people in the c suite, they give the directives, the lower level guys carry out those directives. and what people are saying is they're basically, those are the ones that are going to get nailed. so it's going to, essentially, have the opposite effect of what she wants. theoretically, she want it is
3:27 pm
leaders of the organized crime families to go to jail, not just all the soldiers. one thing i do know about wall street, it's -- the typical wall street firm, the typical bank, the typical company in corporate america is, resemblings a mob, a mob family in the sense that the guys at the top are buffered from much of the stuff that goes on and, you know, by the rank and file. they set the agenda, the rank and file carries out. those are the people that are going to go to jail. i think it's unfortunate, because it's misplacing the blame. but that's what, you know, talking to attorneys, talking to people in corporate america, that's what is going to come out of this. cheryl: you're also talking, though, to a lot of people about credit suisse, and that's something about what you're just learning about that's happening there. >> they are now shopping their brokerage unit. we know that. they've approached many players, morgan stanley, jpmorgan. but here's the fascinating thing. you would think in this age of dodd-frank where the emphasis is
3:28 pm
on brokers, selling stuff, that they would be a able to sell their brokerage unit with about 200 brokers, people that sell investments to small -- cheryl: right. rich ma and pa. >> they have one of these brokerage departments that goes for the high net worth. you would think in the age of dodd-frank which is de-emphasizing trading and more financial advice and things of that nature, the sort of softer financial services, that this would sell. apparently, they can't sell it. at least at whatever price they're asking. we do not know the price. usually the price is a complicated formula of money plus retention packages. i just don't have that level of detail. i haven't met anybody that has, and i've been talking to a lot of people about this. what i hear is this, morgan stanley is balking. i hear -- i have that confirmed, morgan stanley said, no way, they would pick off individual teams, but they're not going to buy the whole thing, all 200 of them particularly at the price being asked. so far jpmorgan is balking, from what i understand. they don't want it.
3:29 pm
one possible name i keep hearing is steeple nicholas. just bought barclays, but they have to digest that. seems like this is out of his ballpark too, and i heard it from people close to him that it's not being talked about within the firm, at least not now. so credit suisse is having a very difficult time trying to unload this thing, and it's part of a broader corporate mission as all these your even banks, you know, they're looking for economies of scale. they're looking to squeeze the, squeeze the lemon, get as much, you know, focused on a core business as possible here in the u.s. ubs has done that, barclays is doing that, stripping down, getting smaller. credit suisse is doing that. one easy way to cut is the brokerage department. if you can sell it, war clay's did sell -- barclays did sell it to steeple. it looks like at least whatever these guys are doing, no one's buying. now, there is a potential, and this is done, this has been done in the past. cheryl: okay. >> our very own anthony scaramucci has done this, where you can do a sale for $1.
3:30 pm
anthony bought the funds business from citigroup with its assets because they had to get rid of it, and nobody wanted to why it for something like a dollar. skybridge, back during the financial crisis. i could see something like that happen. cheryl: if they really want to get out of the business. >> not a dollar but, you know, $10. cheryl: charlie gasparino. thank you, sir. marcus mariota making a big first impression in his rookie debut on the football field making him a hot commodity in the fantasy world. week one of the nfl season and the booming business of fantasy football. and the syrian civil war blamed for everything from the rise of isis to the migrant crisis in europe, but could there be a deal developing that could end the assad regime and end the fighting this we're going to take that up coming up next on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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cheryl: okay. during the commercial break we were monitoring some breaking news on this shooting that we've been following at a college this mississippi. that press conference just ending. but police campus officials basically giving us an update. what we know at this point, a male professor was shot and killed at delta state university, cleveland, mississippi. fox 13, the local affiliate there, reporting it is a -- well, there was a professor at the university, and law enforcement officials just saying a moment ago that it is a current employee. so we know now confirmed it's a current employee but, again, fox 13 is reporting that the suspect is another professor and, again, a male professor has been shot ask killed. campus still on lockdown. we know the shooter is still at lance armstrong, and that's the best -- at large, and that's the best we can give you. i wanted to give you an update on what's happening in cleveland, mississippi. we've got the markets, and we've also got a situation unfolding in europe that is incredibly troubling.
3:36 pm
even as vladimir putin arms syrian president bashar al assad, all those refugees are flooding europe, new reports indicating putin is exploring removing assad from power. officials from the u.s., russia and saudi arabia are said to be in talks to sideline assad. russia, believe it or not, longtime allies, but the rise of isis has prompted the country to seek a united front against the group. here now retired u.s. navy captain chuck nash who spent more than 25 years as a naval aviator, a fox news contributor, also walid phares, terrorism expert. gentlemen, welcome to you. walid -- >> thank you. cheryl: -- this seems to me the strangest of bedfellows, and how would they actually coordinate? how could we and the russians coordinate an assad exit? how would that even work? >> well, we have already coordinated the iran deal, the russians helped us. we have now, you know, one partner that is iran.
3:37 pm
beyond that president obama has since 2011 asked assad to step down as a, you know, prelude to the solution. but the russians refused that. so the russians are going to ask for a very high price. that is, their presence in syria. iran's presence in syria and some economic assets. then they will consider removing assad, but not, you know, exiting assad out of syria, maybe to a region in syria, and then they would negotiate who would be in damascus. it's not as easy as we think. cheryl: chuck nash, would we need to commit troops, more forces? because for the fourth party in this report about this discussion is syrian rebels. >> yeah. i don't think the russians would have any part of a u.s. presence in syria, nor would we want to have u.s. presence in syria. it is a mess. when you start thinking of syria, i think we should really start thinking about bosnia, because that's what it's looking like it's going to be, a three-way partition. and that might be the end game
3:38 pm
solution as history sees it 20 years from now, but to get things settled down and to stop the firing, i think think it's g to break into a kurdish area, a government-controlled area and a rebel-controlled area, and then they're going to negotiate from there. cheryl: chuck, real quick, the russians have put tanks there. that is their only naval base outside of russia. >> yep. cheryl: it's strategically crucial to them. that's the hard part here, is to make sense of the fact that the russians who have been backing assad, funding assad would now want to be a part of working with us to push him out the door or at least into a different role. >> well, and it's because i think what the russians are seeing is that they're seeing the flow of more and more muslims into europe on their western front. they're already dealing with problems in the caw cases, and the longer this war continues in syria, the more uncertain things become. and they do not want to see syria fall to sunni islamists.
3:39 pm
cheryl: walid, we are looking at a map of the russian mill dare build -- military buildup in syria. you're going to have different factions in our whether it's isis, whether it's the assad regime, whether you have rebels that can take over here. is there a scenario within the next year to two years that we could see a stable syria, in your opinion? >> it is going to be very difficult. we may see three stable syrias if they are formed, and then there is a ceasefire between all three as captain said. but at least one area the russians are going to make sure to obtain is between turkey and the lebanese border. this is what they want to have a military buildup. then the kurds are more or less stable. everything else is at play between the assad regime and the sunni jihadists all over syria. cheryl: and, obviously, the saudis have a vested interest in getting syria stabilized since they've had issues with iran, and this is their backyard, and they've got to focus on this. captain nash, walleed ferris,
3:40 pm
thank you very much. i'm sure we'll talk to you again soon. >> thank you, cheryl. cheryl: coming up next, there she is, miss america. miss georgia taking home the title, and she cements her win by calling tom brady a cheater. yeah. and you couldn't watch any football yesterday without seeing an ad for one of the new fantasy football companies. we're going to talk all things football. it's going to be fun. stay with "countdown," be right back. ♪ ♪ akes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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3:45 pm
overshadowed by a debate over tom brady's de-flategate scandal. she made headlines during the live telecast offering her two cents on the super bowl mvp. listen to this. >> did tom brady cheat? >> did he cheat? um, that's a really good question. i'm not sure. i think i'd have to be there to see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated. but if there was question there then, yes, i think he cheated. if there was any question to be had, i think that he definitely cheated and he should have been suspended for that. that's not fair. [laughter] cheryl: she went there. and it's not just miss america talking football after yesterday's first full week of the season. fans were all over yesterday's big season openers from big upsets to rising stars to hot commodities in the fantasy world what were the he lights from yesterday's big -- highlights from yesterday's big game? with me now is dan kaplan. wow, week one, it's over.
3:46 pm
we've got to start with tony romo. i'm just picking that, because i'm doing the interview. wow, he pulled it off. it was an amazing game. >> with a big assist from tom coughlin and eli manning, channeling their inner pete carroll on that. hard to believe that here we are again debating goal line decisions. cheryl: yeah. well, if the cowboys can get a better defense going, this could be their year. let's talk about marcus mare owe the that. he made his debut yesterday, four touchdowns. >> four in the first half. cheryl: yeah. >> testifies the only -- he was the only quarterback in his debut to have two tds in the first quarter, and he was, of course, playing against the former heisman trophy winner, jameis winston. and he had a horrible game. so that, you know, conflict will go on. cheryl: i'm not sure how much stretchers i saw in the highlights this morning, but concussion. there was at least, you know, josh mckeown, okay?
3:47 pm
delaware onsimms, trust main johnson, eddie royal, eugene monroe, good god, lorenzo -- i mean, these were all concussions. what is going on with yesterday? was it the excitement? were people just getting more violent than usual on the field? >> you know, it's interesting, we've been debating de-flategate since the season ended, and it's such a silly issue. it sort of underscores these concussions that we saw yesterday, that this is the real issue with professional football. that said, last year the nfl reported on average less than a concussion -- less than one concussion per game. this could be an outlier yesterday or maybe it's something we have to keep an eye on. cheryl: two more quick things. n, the l, big news this week, potentially a new team in los angeles. who do you think it would be? >> key owners are meeting here in new york this week, and the full ownership's meeting in a couple weeks also the waldorf-astoria here in new york, and this is the big issue, do they go back to los angeles -- >> the chargers, the raiders, i
3:48 pm
think the rams -- >> there's three teams that want to move to l.a. will it be one or will it be two? that's the big question. cheryl: i am not letting you go without talking tennis. obviously, roger federer was the crowd favorite yesterday at -- >> yeah. i was pulling for him. cheryl: everybody was. djokovic is just a stronger player. what did you make of the open, this particular the serena upset? i tear up when i think about it. >> the open was very froth from a business perspective. even though they went from 26 sessions to 24 sessions with the new schedule, they'll do more in revenue than they did last year. the tv ratings took a huge hit for the final because serena was not in it. interestingly, the rain delay bumping the men's final into prime time, they got a better rating last night than they did on cbs which has 10-15% more coverage the year before. cheryl: because of the football scenario, and then they were on espn, right? >> espn last night, the first
3:49 pm
time the final was carried on espn. cheryl: wow. dan kaplan, well, we'll be out there next year, you, me and fox business and whoever else. thank you very much, good to see you again. dan, thank you. well, coming up next, call it the calm before the storm, markets starting out the week on kind of a quieter note, but all this could change come wednesday, thursday, as the fed holds its september policy meeting. will we get the first rate hike in ten years? how do you invest if we do? countdown close is coming up next, that's coming up on "countdown can."
3:50 pm
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ >> only eight minutes until the closing bell rings. let's go to new york stock exchange for today's big winners and losers. fox business correspondent ashley webster. what is going on, ashley? >> cheryl, volume off 25%. it is quiet. we have jewish holiday. a lot of investors are sitting
3:53 pm
on the sidelines when they make their announcement on thursday. goldman sachs putting out a list what it believes would be winners and losers if the fed make as rate hike. these are companies that goldman sachs says have high, healthy balance sheets. companies like priceline, google, apple, oracle. they say they will do better when monetary conditions will tighten. on other side there are somewhat they believe will be losers. stocks like general electric, wells fargo. progressive insurance company and m&t bank corp. they say traditionally stocks like these with floating rate debt levels will suffer 5% less than those stronger stocks in the three months after a rate hike. at least that's what goldman sachs says. by the way they say, gs, goldman sachs says probability of a rate hike stands at 28%. 60% for december, cheryl. who knows, maybe it will be a
3:54 pm
flip of the coin. >> that is the thing. i still stand by my prediction they will do something. >> very good. i hope so. >> thanks, ash. >> sure. >> stock market volume is running lowest level about 25% below normal. you can't blame it all on rosh hashanah. they're waiting for the all-important decision on thursday. how do you play this standing at home wondering what to do with your own portfolio? we have andrew errands and ernie. welcome to both of you. what does the fed think about the economy? we had second quarter gdp read above 3%. we've seen unemployment rate go down. we've seen positive news in housing, consumer spending but somewhat positive. don't they have to take that into account for the hike? >> yes. cheryl, i would agree with you, we would like to see the fed raise rates. certainly since china devalued
3:55 pm
the yuan and then fed came out on august 19th and made the statement from it july minutes we want to sigh more growth. we have seen more stronger growth. second quarter gdp numbers. numbers in the consumer sector on spending and housing. we see this as the opportunity to take leadership. one of the things lacking in this market right now is lack of leadership. there is a lot of ambiguity. i think fed has to create some clarity right here. i think it is opportunity for them to do so. >> no more wishchy wash think, maybe we'll see what the data says -- wishy-washy. everybody is sick of hearing that andrew, what about to you, goldman says odds are 28%. what are yours? >> the fed has been looking through a camera, people that see ufos and big foot. never can see really clear picture. it is craziest thing. every time you look for
3:56 pm
inflation it is really blurry. had they taken picture of inflation a month ago when the market was higher i think they should have moved then. i think they missed their opportunity. market with the reset and what equities markets in china has done has probably pushed the fed to wait to december. in my opinion i think that is probably what they're going to do. >> you're on the goldman sachs trade. ernie, what is your advice for your clients now? are there any sectors -- [inaudible]. same question to both of you. i want stocks picks. ernie. >> thank you. cheryl. we've been moving between stocks and any net cash. don't want long-term decisions based on short-term volatility. that said we continue to favor quality. we're looking for quality companies and strong balance
3:57 pm
sheets and attractive valuations. on sector basis one of the areas we continue to like, you talk about strong consumer numbers is consumer discretionary sector. names like, for example, bed, bath & beyond which has been an underperformer for some time due to margins and investment in the e-commerce side. it is opportunity trading cheap relative to the competitors. we want to see what earnings look like on september 24th. staying with high quality companies, strong returns on invested capital. as pointed out earlier, good liquidity. that is with we're looking for. >> you recommended bed bed bathd cubit corpse. why did you pick this one? >> this is very interesting company, cheryl. cubic is a small cap company, 1.2 billion. it is in the technology area. it is real forte if you will, strength is in the transportation side. they create systems, automated systems for payments.
3:58 pm
you might see in subway stations and railway stations. highway, et cetera. it's a means the private and public sector can save money. we think that is a fine company and good prospects going forward. >> all right. >> they have $7 of cash on the balance sheet. looks really good. plays into our view high quality companies are the key. >> andrew, what about you, what sectors do you like right now? >> i think that will be a little easier. when the markets are really, really high, you need to become a stock-picker then. we know the market runs up against resistance. a lot of stocks get tired. you want to pick up ones that haven't run up as much. as this point in the sector or cycle of stocks everything is beaten up. i think you can be more of an index kind of person and pick up high quality as well. low pes, companies with big balance sheets. i still have to stick with pharmaceuticals.
3:59 pm
some biotechs have gotten beaten up. some housing stocks look good. some stocks going into year-end, i don't own disney but i do know that "star wars" is coming up. that's a, something that you may want to take a look at. entertainment stocks with that. as usual with individual stocks you need to do homework and consult with your financial advisor. i think it's a lot easier right now if you just pick high quality etfs. >> i like you think disney because i was like, "star wars," whatever. i can't wait to see "star wars." ernie sees -- cecilia guys. that's it for the "countdown to the closing bell." back over to david asman and melissa francis. david: good to see you, cheryl. melissa: trump talking about the horrible human beings that are sent to negotiate for the u.s. just another day on campaign trail. david: so much news from that guy.
4:00 pm
we give iranian government with deal of a lifetime and thank us with another death to america video. lieutenant colonel oliver north on iranians strange note of gratitude. melissa: students failing down to pay a single dollar of debt for seven years. we'll talk about that one. [closing bell ringing] david: trash police poking through your garbage to make sure you're recycling. well, it is unbelievable. melissa: those are closing bells on wall street. as the fed's decision looms on wall street. we're down about 63 points at the close. david: all right. melissa: here is where we are ending the day. the s&p is down eight points. nasdaq is down 16. crude oil trading lower. only gold going higher. david. david: while markets are trading tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. donald trump domination showing no signs of slowing down. trump is surging at the top of a new "washington post/abc news poll"


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